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Hi,  I’m Kavita.  I started learning about Indian cooking in my grandmother’s kitchen while growing up in Mumbai .  I learned to make traditional dishes ranging from chutneys to pickles, and even helped her grind our own flour. When I moved to the States, my friends loved the stuff that I made and begged me to open a restaurant.  At their persistence, eventually I decided to start Saffron and Turmeric, which offers South Asian cooking experiences.

Customized Experiences

I specialize in creating customized South Asian culinary experiences based on your favorite Indian dishes. It all starts with an initial free consultation over phone/email where we discuss some of your favorite dishes that you would like to master and cook on a regular basis.  After a menu is determined the experience is conducted either in your kitchen or mine, over a period of 4 to 6 hours.  The time depends on the number of dishes you would like to learn.

How it works

I charge $90/hour plus the cost of groceries. The groceries can be purchased either by you or me depending on whatever is convenient for you. The experiences are participatory and I encourage you to fully engage in the class by doing most of the chopping and cooking. I serve as a guide as we go through the cooking process.

My primary criterion for success is you having the confidence of making the dishes by yourself and have them be your go to dishes.  I encourage you to call or email me  when you make these dishes independently with any questions you may have.

I have had people buy this as a present for a couple who visited India and loved Indian food to folks who love all types of food and Indian food is something they want you to get familiar with and enjoy.  Indian food is very forgiving and options are endless especially if you want to expand your vegetarian repertoire of recipes.

I look forward to meeting you will allow me the opportunity to demystify  Indian cooking for you.





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